Warmest Regards from a Dog

Before leaving to study abroad, Ian wants a little memento from his long-time crush, Ingrid. Being a guy with fetish for smells, Ingrid’s smell he wanted to collect Ingrid’s smell as a farewell gift.

Original Title : Waung

International Title : Warmest Regards from a Dog

Running Time : 12 mins

Year : 2017

Country : Indonesia

Languange : Javanese

Production Company : Studio Batu

Colour Colour


Director : Wregas Bhanuteja

Producer : Henricus Pria

Screenplay : Wregas Bhanuteja

Director of Photography : Ersya Ruswandono

Art Director : Wulang Sunu

Sound Designer : Her Raditya Mahendra Putra

Music Director : Gregorius Ragil

Editor : Wregas Bhanuteja

Line Producer : Aditya Murti

Assistant Director : Garuda Palaka


Yohanes Budyambara as Ian

Sekar Sari as Ingrid

Muhammad Abe as Danu

Hosea Hatmaji as Ian's Friend


Official Selection - Moscow International Film Festival 2018

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​Raphael Wregas Bhanuteja is an Indonesian film director and scriptwriter. Wregas is the first Indonesian movie director to win best short film in the 55th Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival 2016 with his film, Prenjak.