The Third Cupboard

In a family reunion, Mother gives her five children five cupboards as an inheritance. She asks them to take those cupboard to their own houses. Tri, the only child who still lives with his mother tries to to help his siblings moving those cupboards.

Original Title : Lemantun

International Title : The Third Cupboard

Running Time : 20 mins

Year : 2014

Country : Indonesia

Languange : Javanese

Production Company : FFTV Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Colour Colour


Director : Wregas Bhanuteja

Producer : Nia Sari

Screenplay : Wregas Bhanuteja

Director of Photography : Leontius Tito

Art Director : Ferdi Perwiranata

Sound Designer : Firman Satyanegara

Editor : Mochammad Rizky Pratama

Music Director : Gardika Gigih

Assistant Director : Ken Iswari & Henricus Pria


Freddy Rotterdam as Tri

Tatik Wardiono as Ibu

Susilo Nugroho as Eko

Agoes Kencrot as Dwi

Titik Renggani as Yuni

Triyanto Hapsoro as Anto


Best Short Film - Main Jury Selection - XXI Short Film Festival 2015

Best Short Film - IMPAS Jury Selection - XXI Short Film Festival 2015 

Best Short Film - Audience Jury Selection - XXI Short Film Festival 2015

Best Short Film - Piala Maya 2015

Best Short Film - Apresiasi Film Indonesia 2015

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​Raphael Wregas Bhanuteja is an Indonesian film director and scriptwriter. Wregas is the first Indonesian movie director to win best short film in the 55th Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival 2016 with his film, Prenjak.